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Sectional Garage Doors have rapidly become popular for homeowners when upgrading their garage doors. They are designed to increase security while providing a modern aesthetic. Sectional Garage Doors are extremely versatile and adaptable, allowing them to be installed for most single and double garages. They are available in a wide range of colours, including wood effects, and you can choose a panel design to match the style of your traditional, contemporary or modern home.

One of the main benefits that a Sectional Garage Door will provide is that they are automated and controlled via remote control. This allows you to operate your Garage Door from the comfort of your car. More space is created on your driveway as the door curtain rises vertically. This allows you to park your car as close to your garage as possible. A sectional garage door is lightweight and does not ‘pull’ away from the garage like an up and over garage door.

If you are looking for a garage door that has a space-saving design, provides smooth operation, and is operated by remote control, sectional garage doors are a perfect choice.

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Popular Sectional Garage Door Panel Designs

Automatic Garage Doors have grown in popularity as they allow you to operate your Garage Door with the push of a button. Our automatic sectional garage door lets you open and close your garage without having to get in and out of your car every time you use your garage.

Popular Colours


Traffic White




Fir Green


Light Grey


Antracite Grey



Terra Brown

Terra Brown



Stone Grey

Stone Grey


Slate Grey


Golden Oak



Why Choose a Sectional Garage Door?

Sectional Garage Doors provide enhanced thermal insulation and security. They are suitable for traditional and modern homes and can be customised to match the style of your property. Sectional Garage Doors can feature double-glazed windows allowing natural light to enter your garage. If you want to operate your Garage Door with a remote control and add kerbside appeal to your home, a Sectional Garage Door is a perfect choice. 

Minimise Heat Loss

Enhanced Security

Selection of Colours

2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty

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