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Insulated Garage Door

Why are homeowners choosing Insulated Garage Doors?

Enterance Doors, Garage Doors and windows can be problematic for homeowners who struggle with heat loss. The average size of a Garage Door in the UK is 2.13 meters wide by 1.98 meters tall, this is one of the largest openings in your home and often contributes to a large amount of heat loss. As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners are looking for ways to better insulate their homes to help reduce energy costs, minimise cold draughts and retain heat.

Traditional up and over garage doors feature a single skinned steel door panel, they deliver good security but often allow heat to escape resulting in higher energy consumption. As a result of inflated energy costs, we have seen a large number of homeowners request and specify the installation of an insulated garage door. Insulated garage doors are designed to provide a modern aesthetic and increase thermal insulation. The garage door panels have been specifically designed to help prevent heat transference and minimise cold draughts with improved draught-proofing strips.

Do integral garages make your house cold?

An integral garage can make your home cold and less energy efficient as the garage space shares one wall with your main property. The cool temperatures within the garage can make the adjoined wall cold, allowing heat to escape and creating cold spots in your home. Heat loss will lead to higher energy consumption and increased energy costs. Furthermore, different temperatures in your home can lead to humidity and high moisture levels.

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How do I make my integral garage warmer?

If you are concerned with thermal insulation and want to minimise heat loss, there are three main ways to better insulate your integral garage. An insulated garage will make your home warmer, reduce energy consumption and lower heating costs.

1. Install a modern insulated garage door with a foam-filled double-skinned enclosure. Insulated Garage Doors feature enhanced draught-proofing seals and are designed to reduce cold draughts, minimise heat loss and increase thermal insulation. The foam filled door panel provides an insulating layer and are far more effective at minimising heat loss compared to older singled skinned garage doors.  

2. Fixing insulation directly to the garage wall can help minimise heat loss. The insulation will reduce heat transference and help to keep your home and garage warm. 

3. As hot air rises, insulating the garage roof would help prevent heat loss. Insulating panels from Kingspan or Celotex can be installed into the roof cavity and will help to prevent heat loss.  

Which garage doors give the best insulation?

We specialise in the design and installation of insulated garage doors, they are designed to keep your home warm by minimising heat loss and reducing cold draughts. Insulated Garage Doors are precisely manufactured to your size specification and carefully positioned and installed to offer exceptional thermal insulation. The three best garage doors for minimising heat loss are, Insulated Roller Garage Doors, Insulated Sectional Garage Doors and Insulated Side Hinged Garage Doors. 

If you are searching for a Garage Door with a neat operating system, an Automatic Roller Garage Door is your best option. They are designed to minimise heat loss and enhance home security.

Sectional Garage Doors are a popular choice, our collection of Sectional Garage Doors come in a range of designs, materials and sizes designed to suit your property.

The classic side hinged garage door comes in both contemporary and traditional styles and in array of colours and materials. Not only are side hinged garage doors easy to use, they offer great levels of security.

At the Garage Door Company Leicester we offer a price promise and fitting expertise unrivalled by other garage door firms in the region, with over 20 years of installation experience, we can help you find a tailored garage door solution designed to offer exceptional security and to improve your homes aesthetic. For more information or to book your free site survey and quotation, please speak with us by telephoning 0116 210 3822.

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